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Oct, 28, 2018

Cambodia's find of the decade Jessa Khan, a prominent member of the Art of Jiu Jitsu hit squad Believe and Achieve in her home base back in the United States, added two more gold medals to her Golden Double last Saturday to end the Sport Jiu Jitsu International Federation World Championship at California's Long Beach Arena in a blaze of glory.

Competing for the first time in a major event after her historic triumph for the Kingdom in Jakarta Asian Games, the 17 year old proved beyond a shadow of doubt that she has now a clear shot at Jiu Jitsu greatness few in this Brazilian brand of fighting sport has ever achieved.

In her own humble words, Jessa said she still has a long way to go but the four gold medals at the SJIIF has ignited her passion to excel even more and nothing would give her greater pleasure and life-long satisfaction than winning big time for the country of her father Peter Khan's origin - Cambodia.

It took the Dashing teenager 10 fights and seven submissions in all to complete her four-gold mission but in her short but heart felt Facebook post she made it a point to thank for coaching her @mendesbros@nickbohli, a reference to the famous Brazilian Mendes Brothers who were multiple world champions and professors at the Art of Jiu Jitsu where Jessa's  talents had been carefully nurtured and brought to bloom.

"On to my next challenge Female straw weight 115 division'' Jessa predicted. The straw weight division in mixed martial arts generally refers to competitors weighing between 106 and 115 lb (48 to 52 kg). It is somewhere between the lighter Atom weight division and the heavier Flyweight division.

''As someone who has shown all traits of a born fighter it should come as no surprise if she takes up and succeeds in this challenge too. " noted National Olympic Committee of Cambodia Advisor Ken Gadaffi.

""It was a dream debut for her in the Asian Games and the country was proud of her outstanding achievement. She is very young and definitely on her way up as the SJIIF World Championship results have shown. I am confident She will bring Cambodia greater glory from the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines next year" remarked NOCC Secretary General Vath Chamroeun.

"It is indeed remarkable and heartening to note that in the post Asian Games success, both Jessa Khan and Jet Skier Ou Moeut Sally continue to do well on the international stage"

ប្រភព: H.S Manju | NOCC Media
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